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From time to time it may be necessary to troubleshoot a seat heater system.


Listed below are some suggestions that will help solve your problems

quickly and efficiently.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Motor City Distribution before starting the troubleshooting process.


  Power and Ground:

• Check ALL fuses, at the point of connection and in line, replace as required.

• Make sure an adequate grounding source is provided.

• Make sure your system is properly connected to a power source capable of providing 10 amps of continuous power.

• If you find a blown fuse, replace it with the correct amperage fuse, if the fuse continues to blow inspect the entire length of power wire (concealed under the carpet) from the point of connection to the connector on the main harness (black two pin connector /under the seat) repair as required.


 Trouble shooting Seat heater is not heating up:

• Power and ground checks out. (above)

• Is the inside vehicle temperature above 135˚ degrees.

• The temperature of the seat may have exceeded the preset thermostat temperature not allowing the heater to com on.

( A hot day /sun shining on the seat)

• Check the switch for proper function and illumination.

• Incorrect or no switch illumination.

• Make sure the wires on the back of the switch are connected properly. Check the connection between the main harness and the switch (4 pin white molex connector) Make sure the connector is fully engaged and that none of the individual terminals have pushed out. Check for color continuity.

• Make sure the drilled switch hole is 20 mm. A switch hole that is smaller than 20 mm can cause switch malfunctions.

• If all of the above inspections check out OK and the problem still persist, replace the switch.

• With the switch replaced the heater is still not heating up.

• Make sure the relay is fully engaged in the socket and all terminals are in place.

• Make sure the pad connections (2 X 2 pin connectors under the seat) are fully engaged and none of the individual terminal have pushed out.

• All checks listed above are good; the heater is still not heating up.

• With a multi – meter, check the resistance value of each pad. Resistance values vary depending upon what type of seat heater pad you have installed. Regardless, resistance should be found. If you get an open reading or no reading the pad or pads will need to be replaced.


Before going through the trouble of removing the seat heater pads please contact Motor City Distribution. There may be something that was over looked and we may be able to assist you without going through the trouble of removing seat covers and heating pads.


For customer assistance P. 810.588.4741

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