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  • Q. How do you test a seat heating system installed in a vehicle?

    A. Please refer to the trouble shooting guide.

  • Q. Can I install a seat heater on a seat with a PSS (Passenger Sensing System)?

    A. Seat heaters should NEVER be installed onto foam cushions where a passenger sensing system is present on the surface of the foam cushion. Call Motor City Distribution, we have products specifically designed for these applications.

  • Q. Can wire element seat heaters be trimmed to fit?

    A. No

  • Q. Can carbon fiber seat heaters be cut / trimmed to fit?

     A. Yes / No, you may cut the length of the element but you cannot cut the width of the element. There are conductive strips that run along each side of the element that provide power to the element. If this is cut, the element will not work.

  • Q. Can I cut holes or strips in the middle of the carbon fiber pads?

    A. Yes, you can cut access holes for hog rings or tie downs as long as you stay away from the conductive strips on the element.

  • Q. Are seat heater switches interchangeable?

    A. Yes / No, most of the seat heaters / switches sold by Motor City Distribution are interchangeable. Pin out configurations do vary, Call Motor City Distribution for assistance.

  • Q. Can I use a dual pad carbon fiber system for a single pad application?

     A. Yes, when using a dual pad carbon fiber system as a single pad system you will only maintain the high operation. The switch will show both hi / lo operations, the system only heats in the high switch position. This is a single pad carbon fiber system that offers both hi/ lo operations.

  • Q.  What size hole is required to mount the seat heater switch?

     A. A 20mm hole is required for the seat heater switch installation. Contact Motor City Distribution, we offer a drill bit that will drill the correct size hole every time.

  • Q. Do I have to have a leather interior to have seat heaters installed?

     A. Seat heaters can be installed in cloth, vinyl or leather.

  • Q. Are seat heaters a DIY product?

    A. Generally speaking seat heaters are not too difficult to install depending upon your skill level. Having some trim, upholstery and 12 volt knowledge will definitely help with the process.

  • Q. Do you offer a warranty on your products?

    A. Yes, all products come with a limited lifetime warranty. See the warranty downloads for detailed warranty information.

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